Enough is enough. Let's get back to work!

Enough is enough lets get back to work!

Okay enough is enough, let’s get back to work.

Pavolony Construction LLC is sure you are tired of staying home but while you were there you realized what wasn’t working for your family anymore. 

  • Open concept not working for you? 
  • Closed off rooms not letting you keep track of homeschooling?
  • Do you need more counter space for more bread baking?
  • Need another bathroom?
  • Another bedroom?
  • Outdoor space?
  • Study space?
  • Bread baking station?

Do you need an addition or a renovation of your current space?

Pavolony Construction LLC can make your space work for you. From design, permits and inspections we can do it all for you.

Now if you have been watching lots of HGTV shows let us give you some reality vs reality TV.

  1. Taking down a wall is difficult and can be very expensive.  Even non-loadbearing walls can have electrical and plumbing behind them that will need to be relocated. Load bearing walls need to be replaced with I beams which are expensive to buy and in placing them to support the load above it. (Load means all of the floors and roof above it so you can’t play around with this with cost-cutting).
  2. Most renovations require permits. And most permits require professional drawings. This process takes weeks. In most instances we cannot start work until the permits are in place. Also, the job will be subjected to inspections by the town. We aim to schedule them in a timely fashion but they can easily add time to a project 
  3. Budgets are real. You need to be realistic in costs. Don’t base your numbers on big box store prices. Tell us what you have and we can plan your job accordingly.  Sometimes we can figure out cost cutting ways you haven’t thought of to allow you the high-end extras you want. Pavolony Construction LLC will draw up a proposal explaining all that will be done and when payments will be due. No surprises.  Any deviation from the original proposal will be discussed at the time it is discovered. No closing day surprises.
  4. Moving plumbing is expensive.  So if at all possible keep the same placement of your new appliances  But you can open a wall and add to the plumbing. Like a second sink. Or a separate tub or shower. Tile is expensive but durable.

Pavolony Construction LLC works with many terrific fully insured professional subcontractors. We can get them on your job and coordinate timing as to not lose time between the different stages of the project. We are your general contractor/conductor.  We keep the job going with our office staff staying in touch with you about every stage of the project.  From when you need to pick out tile, to when you choose your paint colors to when you need to make a payment, we are there for you.

Give us a call at 973-663-0558 or contact us today and

let’s get started!