Pavolony Construction – General Contractor

What is a General Contractor?

Whether you are planning a small addition or a whole new house “someone” has to take charge of the total project. That “someone” is called the General Contractor. You could become your own general contractor but because of the level of expertise and experience required you’ll probably want to hire someone.

The General Contractor is responsible for managing the entire job from start to finish. If you hire Pavolony Construction to work as your General Contractor that means that Pavolony Construction we will find, negotiate, hire, supervise and pay any needed sub-contractors. (All sub-contractors are fully insured and licensed).

General Contractor

Many projects, especially New Construction, require many disciplines and many sub-contractors. Its the job of the General Contractor to coordinate all the sub-contractors and ensure that the project stays on-time and in-budget.

Here’s a new construction project that required many different sub-contractor specialists.

Slideshow represents the Original clubhouse becoming an amazing beautiful space for every type of gathering. It was built during the Covid-19 Pandemic with all of the various stay-at-home work orders. There has already been 1 reception and they had a great time.  

Lake Shawnee Clubhouse 2020