Have a healthy & Happy New Year


There is no need to recap 2020 we have all spent WAY too much time thinking about it.

So, now on to 2021

Life will not be returning magically to pre-2020 life so let's plan for our new normal.

Winter is a good time to do interior work to make your home more comfortable. Expand your kitchen for more bread baking. Make a fermentation station. Create a better reading area for your children and yourself and your new book clubs. Make a better place for your laptop and Zoom meetings. Think of adding a better backdrop since I don't believe we will all go back to in the office all the time any time soon. 

Some version of home school will continue. If you haven't done so already make a plan to make a more permanent learning station. If done well your child will use it for homework and projects even after they return to in-class learning. Making over a closet or corner of a room will be worth it in the long run. Many experts agree that having a dependable place for learning is good for long term learning. It might work for some children to be alone for learning independence it might be better for some to be closer to their guardian. Good light and strong internet connections are vital. Plan accordingly to your own children's needs.

How is your home entertainment space? Now might be the perfect time to finish off your basement. Add a media room or your own home office away from the kid's study areas. If you have a dry basement you can usually just move forward with dividing the space If you are adding electrical or plumbing you must get permits. 

Now if your basement is not wet you must address that first. Hopefully it's just an addition or upgrade of a sump pump. You may need to get architect plans to secure permits for fully finishing off the basement. Some times you can have the foundation dug out and lowered to create higher ceilings. 

There are lots of options. Call Pavolony Construction in the new year to make plans.