December is here the cold is coming

Winter house

December is here the cold is coming

These last few warm days every homeowner must do a few things outside.

1.       Outdoor hoses need to be disconnected and drained and stored

2.       If possible, turn off the outdoor spigot.

3.        Check the permitter of the foundation for leaves and debris. You do not want them to freeze.

4.       Clean the gutters and check that the drainpipes are draining away from the house.

5.       Water becomes ice which can do unspeakable damage.

6.       Clean your trashcans and secure the lids.

7.       Find or purchase snow removal equipment. Move to be near your outside door

8.       Find or purchase rock salt, sand, pet friendly melt medium. Have by front door.

9.       Think about investing in heat mats, windshield covers or other ways to cover areas pre-snow.

10.   Service your snow blower and have gas on hand.

11.   Top off your car’s windshield wiper fluid.  

12.   Check outside outlets for outside decorating.

Then they need to prepare the interior of their home

1.       Keep track of how much heating oil they have. Try not to go below ¼ tank

2.       Service the boiler / furnace/

3.       Replace filters consider duct cleaning.

4.       If your basement gets cold you might consider a small heater to keep it warm enough to not let the pipes freeze.

5.       Inspect and lock the windows. See if they need sealing and possible plastic wrap if there are leaks.

6.       Check your thermostats are working. Make sure Carbon Monoxide detectors are working.

7.       Electric outlets on outside walls are notorious air leaks.

8.       Check faucets and toilets for leaks.


Then there is the fun stuff like outdoor decorations. It’s so much more fun when the house is secure.